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Polished Concrete Benefits

Compared to concrete sealing, polished concrete hardens the concrete for increased hardwearing and durability. It creates more stone exposure with a glass like smooth surface, for a more decorative and light reflective finish.


The process of polishing the concrete aims to create a more denser and more durable surface. The floor becomes less vulnerable to damage than other floors and does not need replacing.
It can withstand heavy foot traffic, forklifts, light vehicle traffic or heavy machinery without the need for waxing or replacing.

Budget Friendly

Except for the initial cost of installing the floor, polished concrete requires minimum maintenance. It also does not require replacing, making it a more cost effective and environmentally friendly flooring option.

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Light Reflectivity

If your property runs on artificial lighting, polished concrete with its light reflective properties can help you save on your energy bills while improving safety and creating a bright, clean, and professional image for your facility.

Energy-Efficient Cooling

The weather-regulating properties of the concrete slab are increased when the slab is in direct contact with the ground… otherwise known as earth coupling.  This allows your polished concrete flooring to draw significant heat loads away from the surface, leaving your floor nice and cool in a hot and humid climate.

polished concrete Process

Almost any concrete floor that is structurally sound, regardless of how old it is, can be polished. In addition, after 28 days, freshly constructed concrete floors can be polished.


grind it

We begin by grinding the concrete floor mechanically until all grit, filth, oil, glue, paint, and stains have been eliminated.  We also want to expose any stones in the concrete slab at this point.


Repair it

We patch up all of the floor's holes and cracks after the concrete has been fully ground. The finished floor gains additional appeal by having the holes and cracks repaired while yet maintaining its structural integrity.


grind it again

Once the concrete slab is prepared, and the stones are visible, we use a range of diamond grits to make numerous passes over the floor. After using concrete grout to patch up any remaining divots and cracks, the first phase is completed with a concrete hardener and left to cure overnight.


polish it

After the concrete hardener has dried, we switch to resin pads and start polishing the concrete with progressively finer grits until the required sheen is achieved. Cleaning the floor, applying a stain guard, and burnishing it are the last steps.

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